Max Pro Steam+ Επαγγελματική Πρέσα Μαλλιών με Ατμό

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Are you looking for a powerful straightener to create hairstyles that last? Then the Max Pro Steam+ is the ideal choice! This straightener uses the golden combination of steam and active negative ion technology. With three different settings, plates of 100% titanium and the included MOHI hair serum, the Max Pro Steam + assures you of a beautiful hairstyle with a natural shine. This innovative straightener has adjustable temperature settings from 150°C to 235°C. It switches off automatically after 60 minutes of no use. Thanks to the dual voltage, the STEAM+ is also suitable for use abroad.ou register the product within 30 days of purchase.

This tool has a lifetime guarantee after registration on provided that you register the product within 30 days of purchase.

Brand                                                       Max Pro
Color                                                        Black

Hair type                                                 Thick hair, Thin hair, Normal hair

Hair Structure                                        Straight hair, Wavy hair, Curly hair
EAN                                                          8718781860912
SKU                                                          MXPRO038
Warranty                                                 Lifetime Warranty
Material                                                  100% Titanium
Width of sheets (mm)                           32
Width of plates (inch)                           1,25
Minimum temperature                        150°C
Maximum temperature                       230°C
Warm-up time                                       8 seconds
Voltage                                                   110-240V
Dual Voltage                                          Yes
Cable length in cm                                350
Rotary cable                                           Yes
Automatic switch-off function            Yes
ION Technology                                     Yes
Display                                                    LCD
Memory function                                  Yes

1] Always make sure your hair is completely clean and dry before using the straightener. Make sure there is no water on the floor or other surfaces (except the bottle of demineralized water)
    near the exhaust or the hair styling tool. Before you start styling, the reservoir located on the STEAM + must be filled with demineralized water to enable the steam effect. The reservoir is
    easily disconnected from the steam straightener by pulling the slider at the end of the tool. Open the rubber lock on the reservoir. Fill the empty bottle with demineralized water, now you 
    can fill the reservoir of the STEAM +. The hair serum should be used as directed on the bottle. It is important that after filling the reservoir is carefully clicked into the steamer. Please note
   that the lock may break or become lame. But thankfully, as of now the reservoirs are available at The STEAM + is now ready for use. Unlock the tool by clicking the 
   switch at the end of the tongs.

2] Plug the straightener into an electrical outlet. The straightener may have a polarized plug, one pin of which is wider than the other. If this is the case, this plug will only fit into an electrical
    outlet if it is positioned correctly. If the plug does not fit into an outlet, make sure you insert the large pin into the correct hole. If you are unable to insert the plug without difficulty, consult
    an electrician; never try to insert the plug with force.

3] Press the ON/OFF button on the inside of the steam straightener to turn it 'ON'. The hair styling tool instantly gets very hot, but it takes about 40 seconds for it to have optimal even heat
    distribution. In the meantime, brush your hair and separate the hair into sections. Spray 1-2 pump doses of serum into each strand of hair [distance: 15-20 cm] on the lengths. Style or curl
    this lock with a styling tool. Repeat this process with all hair strands. (!) Do not combine with other liquids and never fill the reservoir with Hair Serum!

4] The hair styling tool gets very hot, so make sure it doesn't make contact with the skin. Let your hair cool down before touching or brushing it. After styling your hair, turn the hair styling tool
off by turning the switch on the inside to the "OFF" position, unplug the hair styling tool, and let it cool completely on a heat-resistant surface before storing it. Never leave the styling tool
    plugged in or turned on when you are away.


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